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Arbor vs. Trellis vs. Pergola

Adding attractive architectural structures to a garden or yard is the perfect way to give it personality and create privacy. Vertical elements such as an arbor, trellis, and pergola are not only beautiful, but also functional. Each one allows flowering vines and climbing plants to thrive, while also serving as an entryway, enclosure, or a divider. Although many people confuse these landscaping elements or use their names interchangeably, there are distinct differences between each one. Choosing the type that best suits a space will depend on what look and purpose is to be achieved.


Arbors - Patio CoversAn arbor typically serves as a decorative entryway to a garden area or a yard. Arbors can be used to make a distinction between separate areas in a yard, as well as to define different gardens or types of plants. The sides and top are usually made of a simple or intricate latticework, allowing flowering vines to grow up and over. The top can be flat or curved, sometimes resembling an arch. Arbors are ideal for adding an attractive visual element, as well as serving the function of entrance. They can be crafted out of wood, metal, or a durable vinyl material. A gated arbor offers a beautiful way to make a simple entrance that has visual appeal. Arbor structures can be found in many different designs.


TrellisA trellis is another architectural and decorative structure that can be added to a yard or garden area. A trellis can be placed horizontally to create a shaded area, or vertically to be used as a divider. Flowering vines and climbing plants can easily grow along the latticework, which is typically a tighter weave than on arbors or pergolas. Trellises can be very simple in design, or very ornate. They can be built out of wood, metal, bamboo, or vinyl. A trellis can be useful when growing certain agricultural plants, as well as flowers. Trellises are ideal for climbing roses and vines.


PergolaA pergola is a garden structure that can be used to define a particular space. It consists of four posts or columns which are then topped with beams. It is a freestanding structure that can provide shade. Some may have a retractable canopy, allowing for the creation of a shaded area at certain times of the day. Pergolas can also be covered with flowering vines and plants, which will then provide natural shade to the area below. They can be placed in such a way that they create a shaded walkway or sitting area in a yard or other outdoor space.

Adding an arbor, trellis, or pergola to a yard or garden area is the perfect way to create privacy and enhance the beauty. Depending on the types of plants to be grown, the amount of available space, and the desired function, homeowners can choose the landscaping element that best suits their desires. Such structures have been popular in gardens for many centuries. An arbor offers the perfect way to create a beautiful and private backyard retreat.

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