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Benefits of Cedar Wood Fencing

When considering wood fencing for your home, there are several different choices in materials including pine, spruce, cypress, and cedar. While there are pros and cons to each material, there is something about cedar fencing that sets it apart from the others. This blog post will discuss the many benefits of cedar wood fencing for your property.

Why Wood Fencing Over Metal Fencing

Although chain-link fencing is strong, wood sets a more natural tone, offers maximum privacy, and can be cost effective if you choose the right material. It can blend with the natural surroundings of the property in a way that metal or chain link fencing cannot. Wood can be painted to match the home’s siding or finish. It can also be stained a natural earth tone. Either way, it can be an attractive way to keep out unwanted intruders and animals. At the same time, it keeps in small children and pets as well as offers the desired protection.

Choose Cedar Wood Fencing

cedar wood fenceAny wood can be attractive, but cedar wood fencing is arguably more attractive than other wood choices. With its natural looking grains, it provides clean surfaces and colorful tones. The red hues seen in the wood are subtle and natural, even when no stain or finish is added. The density of the wood makes it stronger and better able to endure changing temperatures and various types of weather.

Using cedar fencing around pool areas may be a better choice as it will be less affected by moisture. Cedar has a natural scent that is pleasant to those who use it or happen to be nearby. Yet it is undesirable to most pests, including those that like to chew on wood, like termites and carpenter ants.

Because cedar wood fencing is durable and attractive, it can add value to the home or property. This is a strong selling point for those who choose to put their home on the market. A solid wood fence using cedar can provide homeowners or property owners with more privacy, greater safety for pets and children, and a more attractive look than other wood choices.

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