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Arbor vs. Trellis vs. Pergola

Adding attractive architectural structures to a garden or yard is the perfect way to give it personality and create privacy. Vertical elements such as an arbor, trellis, and pergola are not only beautiful, but also functional. Each one allows flowering vines and climbing plants to thrive, while also serving as an entryway, enclosure, or a divider. Although many people confuse these landscaping elements or use their names interchangeably, there are distinct differences between each one. Choosing the type that best suits a space will depend on what look and purpose is to be achieved.


Arbors - Patio CoversAn arbor typically serves as a decorative entryway to a garden area or a yard. Arbors can be used to make a distinction between separate areas in a yard, as well as to define different gardens or types of plants. The sides and top are usually made of a simple or intricate latticework, allowing flowering vines to grow up and over. The top can be flat or curved, sometimes resembling an arch. Arbors are ideal for adding an attractive visual element, as well as serving the function of entrance. They can be crafted out of wood, metal, or a durable vinyl material. A gated arbor offers a beautiful way to make a simple entrance that has visual appeal. Arbor structures can be found in many different designs.


TrellisA trellis is another architectural and decorative structure that can be added to a yard or garden area. A trellis can be placed horizontally to create a shaded area, or vertically to be used as a divider. Flowering vines and climbing plants can easily grow along the latticework, which is typically a tighter weave than on arbors or pergolas. Trellises can be very simple in design, or very ornate. They can be built out of wood, metal, bamboo, or vinyl. A trellis can be useful when growing certain agricultural plants, as well as flowers. Trellises are ideal for climbing roses and vines.


PergolaA pergola is a garden structure that can be used to define a particular space. It consists of four posts or columns which are then topped with beams. It is a freestanding structure that can provide shade. Some may have a retractable canopy, allowing for the creation of a shaded area at certain times of the day. Pergolas can also be covered with flowering vines and plants, which will then provide natural shade to the area below. They can be placed in such a way that they create a shaded walkway or sitting area in a yard or other outdoor space.

Adding an arbor, trellis, or pergola to a yard or garden area is the perfect way to create privacy and enhance the beauty. Depending on the types of plants to be grown, the amount of available space, and the desired function, homeowners can choose the landscaping element that best suits their desires. Such structures have been popular in gardens for many centuries. An arbor offers the perfect way to create a beautiful and private backyard retreat.

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Materials Matter: Why Using the Best Materials for Your Fencing Project is Important

There is so much to consider when you are considering building a fence around your property or home. Whether you are looking to build a fence for your home or business, it is important to first consider your needs and list of priorities.

Things to Consider When Starting a Fencing Project

  1. Aesthetics. For your fencing project, you’ll want to obtain materials that are both solid and attractive. In addition to protection for your property, you are also thinking about the aesthetic aspect of the fencing project…the curb appeal and the view.
  2. Environmental factors. Do you live in a dry climate? Windy climate? Are you concerned with optimum privacy or simply need a physical barrier between your property and your neighbors’ properties?
  3. Security. You may also need to consider adding an automatic gate or code to your fencing project.

Once you have hammered down the specifics of your project, the next step is to think about materials. The Ameristar fence products are known to be amongst the best when it comes to modern fencing. Aluminum and steel are amongst the common products used by Ameristar fencing companies. These are products that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. They employ the strength of steel with concealed fasteners to offer fencing solutions that are suitable for any kind of property. Ameristar fences can ensure the security you want for your property: industrial, commercial and residential.

Selecting a Fencing Company

Another important factor to consider when planning your fencing project is the experience of the company or group offering this service. Always make sure that the contractors you are hiring for your fencing solutions have experience building with that particular type of fence. Many times you will see “20 years experience” on their website, but that might be for wood fencing or chain-link fencing when your project is ornamental iron fencing.

Trust Cambridge Fence

Your fence represents the first line of security for your property and you want to make sure that the contractors you’ve chosen are professionals with a solid reputation to back their experience. Contact Cambridge Fence now so we can help you evaluate your fencing needs and make sure you receive the best fencing material possible.

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Benefits of Cedar Wood Fencing

When considering wood fencing for your home, there are several different choices in materials including pine, spruce, cypress, and cedar. While there are pros and cons to each material, there is something about cedar fencing that sets it apart from the others. This blog post will discuss the many benefits of cedar wood fencing for your property.

Why Wood Fencing Over Metal Fencing

Although chain-link fencing is strong, wood sets a more natural tone, offers maximum privacy, and can be cost effective if you choose the right material. It can blend with the natural surroundings of the property in a way that metal or chain link fencing cannot. Wood can be painted to match the home’s siding or finish. It can also be stained a natural earth tone. Either way, it can be an attractive way to keep out unwanted intruders and animals. At the same time, it keeps in small children and pets as well as offers the desired protection.

Choose Cedar Wood Fencing

cedar wood fenceAny wood can be attractive, but cedar wood fencing is arguably more attractive than other wood choices. With its natural looking grains, it provides clean surfaces and colorful tones. The red hues seen in the wood are subtle and natural, even when no stain or finish is added. The density of the wood makes it stronger and better able to endure changing temperatures and various types of weather.

Using cedar fencing around pool areas may be a better choice as it will be less affected by moisture. Cedar has a natural scent that is pleasant to those who use it or happen to be nearby. Yet it is undesirable to most pests, including those that like to chew on wood, like termites and carpenter ants.

Because cedar wood fencing is durable and attractive, it can add value to the home or property. This is a strong selling point for those who choose to put their home on the market. A solid wood fence using cedar can provide homeowners or property owners with more privacy, greater safety for pets and children, and a more attractive look than other wood choices.

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How to Choose a Fencing Company for Your Next Project

How to Choose a Fencing Company for Your Next Project

Choosing a fencing company for your home or business doesn’t have to be a difficult task. While not all fencing companies can offer you the same benefits, there’s a core list of decision-making factors that can make the fencing contractor selection easy. In this post we will discuss the most common mistakes to avoid and some of the most important criteria to consider.

Avoid the Biggest Mistake When Selecting a Fencing Company

The biggest mistake when selecting a fencing company is to simply make the decision on pricing alone. While going to Craigslist and finding a handyman to install your next fencing project may sound good and actually work in some parts of the country, this is a very bad idea in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. The Greater Dallas area receives extreme winds and temperatures, combined with sandy soil making fencing installation a task better suited for professionally trained, experienced fencing contractors.

Even the most adept handyman can end up costing you much more than a professional contractor. Unless they work day-to-day with different types of fencing in different cities in the Metroplex, you could end up paying much more in the long run than you saved initially, due to poorly completed projects and ineffective materials. This adds unnecessary expense to your fencing project.

The key to a successful fencing project is to work with a company that is adequately insured, like Cambridge Fence, and is competitive in pricing so you don’t pay a little now and much more later.

5 Key Areas for Selecting the Best Fencing Company

1. Experience. Every service-oriented business on the Internet boasts experience at some point on their site. Some sites even specify how many years of experience they have. Again, what exactly does this mean? Does this mean the owner has 20 years of experience, but the working crew has two? Does this mean that they have 20 years of experience with chain-link fences, but maybe only three for wood fences?

Finding out how many years of experience of the crew working on your particular fencing needs is vitally important. For example, at Cambridge Fence, experience doesn’t end at the top. We have a very experienced crew and would be happy to discuss the specifics for your fencing needs. Contact us now to learn more.

2. Materials. The use of quality materials, with long-term guarantees to reinforce their longevity is vitally important when selecting your next fencing contractor. Take ornamental iron fencing, for example. A lot of Dallas fencing companies use iron fencing material that is guaranteed for five years or so. At Cambridge Fence, we use the impeccable Ameristar quality fencing systems which can come with full 20-year guarantees. Don’t settle for inferior materials.

3. Quality installation. Even if you use the best materials and have an experienced installation team working on your residential or commercial property, if they’re not using the very best supporting systems for that fence to stand up to the soil and weather of Dallas–Fort Worth, it can lead to costly fencing repairs down the road.

A fencing company like Cambridge Fence (that does both fencing repair and fencing installation) is a great start when looking for a quality fence company. The reason for this is simple: when you are fixing and mending fencing on a regular basis, you see what kinds of installation systems aren’t working effectively or need more reinforcement.

At Cambridge Fence, we see sagging and damaged wood fencing every day. To help prevent this wear and tear, we use techniques such as using 2×4 rails on our cedar fences, not the more common 2×3 rails. We also use four 2×4 rails on our eight-foot fencing and three on our six-foot fencing for added support.

4. Dedication. Nobody will argue that being dedicated to your craft is just one area that separates good companies from bad companies. This means being active in trade associations and acquiring prestigious certifications within the industry.

Cambridge Fence owner, Chad Dunaway, is one of a select few to have achieved a “Certified Fence Professional” certification (distinguishes professionals from average contractors) and is also involved with the Texas Fence Association, which is a braintrust of other fencing companies sharing the latest information related to the fencing industry.

5. Proof. In the end, a picture is worth a thousand words. While any business can add legitimate testimonials to their website, seeing actual proof and pictures of previous jobs is vital to determine the quality of a fencing company.

At the very least, a fencing company should have a list of recognizable and prestigious clients that have trusted them, such as Cambridge Fence, who has completed projects for high-profile companies like Pepsi, Lockheed Martin, and the SPCA of Texas, just to name a few.

Knowing the right criteria to select your next fencing company can go a long way in helping you save time, money, and to secure the very best fencing investment you deserve. Give Cambridge Fence a call today. We are your next fencing company.

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