One of Cambridge Fence’s specialties is designing high-quality, custom ornamental iron fencing. Our iron fencing stands the test of time as we use only the highest quality available. For example, the Ameristar ornamental iron product has a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty instead of the typical 1 to 2 year warranty other manufacturers provide.

Our iron crew leader has over 15 years of experience in ornamental iron fencing, so we’re able to offer the highest quality iron fence installation in addition to the highest caliber product.

Why Ornamental Iron Fencing?

No other type of fencing makes the same kind of statement about your residential or commercial property like custom iron fencing. Not only is ornamental iron fencing attractive, it is sturdy enough to keep out large animals and even provides a better layer of protection than a standard chain-link fence.

Ornamental iron fencing offers both straight lines and elegant curves and spirals. It is simple yet has a gracefully subdued quality that allows it to be beautiful to look at but not obtrusive.

Our ornamental iron fencing stands the test of time and we stand behind our work. Contact us now to see about upgrading your property today.